Friday, November 12, 2010

Cupboard Door w/saying

When I first moved to Colorado my sister and I found an amazing thrift store from Habitat For Humanity. They have all kinds of items ranging from paint cans, toilets, clothes to old cupboards and stray doors. I bought a door for $1 or $2 (actually I think my sister ended up buying the door!). Right after that JoAnn's had marked down their vinyl lettering. I bought this saying for 25 cents! It was bright green so I painted it black with some left over acrylic paint I had lying around. I also used the black paint and a wet cloth to rub it on the door. I tried to do some "distressing" then applied the vinyl letters. To make it a little different I put the letters a little askew to the right. It's very simple (and very cheap) but it added a nice touch to my homemade headboard. (FYI-when I moved I didn't have a place to put my 6ft. x 5 ft. table/desk and I have very little storage space so I had to get creative. I unscrewed the legs, bought a cloth shower curtain that matches my bedroom comforter and curtains, then covered my tabletop with the shower curtain using a staple gun on the bottom side of the tabletop. I flipped the tabletop to its' side and propped it up using the legs. It makes a great headboard and no one would ever know that it's really a table in storage!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


My parents were kind enough to buy a timeshare then go on a mission and leave their timeshare for us kids to use. Tough right?! My sisters and I took advantage of that in September and went to Breckenridge Colorado. We spent the weekend doing typical "girly" things. We shopped, ate, talked, did crafts etc. Every time my sisters and I get together they show me a new craft or hobby and I end up taking that craft and making many, MANY more. (hair bows, jewelry, headbands, aprons etc.) This time my sister showed us how to make rosettes. Well, I made a few and wasn't very "caught up" with the whole thing. I even made the statement that I didn't really like making rosettes and it was a hobby I would NOT get hooked on.
Yeah right! I quickly found that it was a great way to make use of the small scraps of material and ribbon I couldn't bring myself to throw away. Every night when I came home from work I would watch t.v. and make a few more rosettes. Before long I had several dozens of rosettes. It wasn't going to catch on with me, or so I thought!
More to come on how to actually make the rosettes and different things to do with them. (thanks again to my sisters. I'm still trying to sell the hundreds of flower clips I made:)

Placemats to purse

Last year I bought a multi-colored, woven place mat and a deep red place mat on clearance after Thanksgiving for next to nothing. I finally pulled it out of my tote and decided as time to make something with it. I also had a couple old belts that were more about looks than functionality (and let's face it, the older we get the less patience we have to deal with accessories that just get in the way.) After pondering these items for a few minutes I decided to make a purse. Essentially,
1. I folded the woven placemat in half.
2. I cut 2 triangles out of the red placemat.
3. I cut a long rectangular piece from the red placemat and sewed it to the "inside" of the mat.
4. I sewed the triangles to the ends of the placemat creating the purse shape.
5. I broke apart a leather belt and cut another leather belt in half.
6. I attached the leather belts to each other to make straps.
7. Finally, I sewed the straps to each side of the purse.

It only took me a couple of hours and a few dollars. I had the belts and I can't remember exactly but I know I paid less than a dollar for each of the place mats. It's a cute purse, completely functional and even has pockets on the inside!

Ribbon Holder

I swear I took a before picture but I cannot find it anywhere. I bought this paper towel/foil paper holder at the Goodwill for $1. I also bought something(not quite sure what it was but my best guess is a VHS or c.d. holder) that had several dowels about about 2 feet long. I broke the dowels apart, cut them down to the right size, attached the ends from the old wood tubes with screws. I unscrew the ends of the dowels and slide the ribbon on it or wrap the ribbon around the dowel if it's just a small piece left. It holds a ton of ribbon and I spray painted it black and sanded the edge for a more appealing look. Thrifty and simple!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finally...after much delay!

After months of thinking and planning, I am finally getting around to starting my craft blog. I have gone back and forth about the title. After months of thought, suggestions and several good ideas I decided on swanky pear. When I went to register my blog the name was already used so I was back at square one. After many more months, after my sisters and I got together for a girls weekend they came up with the name Prickly Pear. I loved it and made the decision to go with Prickly Pear. Well, when I finally went to name my blog prickly pear was already taken! GRRR... after trying several different blog titles and having every one of them already taken I was able to start I hope coming up with a name was the hard part :) It's all downhill from here,, right?! Well here goes, I have started my blog and now I have to post. My first goal is twice a week..wish me luck.